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Here at the Life Skills College we are taking significant steps to be part of the solution to the climate crisis through enabling our staff and young people to connect with the natural world.

Through our innovative curriculum we strive to re-balance the growing disconnect between people and the environment. We give all our students learning opportunities in which they consider their environmental responsibility, become more socially engaged in eco initiatives and we provide regular opportunities for all our learners to deeply connect with nature.

Here at Life Skills our young people learn to care for themselves, to care for others and to care for the environment. It is vital that we create a sense of hope about the future and through participation in action projects such as One Tree Day or Swap shops our young people feel empowered to make a difference to their communities.


Steps to sustainability 

We are proud to be part of the Our City, Our World pilot project that has provided us with staff training and opportunities to share practice across the City as we all work towards Brighton and Hove Carbon Zero 2030. You can find out more about this project by clicking the button below.

Useful links

There are links below to resources that we have used to support our staff and student learning on sustainable living.


“Earth to Cop” Video shown to world leaders at Cop 26 and shows the devastating effect of climate change around the world.


“Greta and the Giants” story book that explores the impact of human behaviour on habitats and animals...


“The Great Big Lesson for Climate and Nature:

Live from...


Just one tree

We are proud to be partners with the Just One Tree charity and support them to plant more trees around the world. 

Every year we run a cafe` where our learners and staff bake cakes and pastries and this is open to the public. 

The money raised will go to the charity and sustain their initiative.

£ 1  = 1 tree planted somewhere around  the world to combat deforestation

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