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Our offer

The College

DVLSC is on a secure site with classrooms, withdrawal/quiet rooms, physio room, food technology room, and a main hall.

There are discrete outdoor areas for leisure and work skills development (grounds maintenance).

Our dedicated classrooms have computers and interactive whiteboards as well as a number of iPads to support learner communication and curriculum access. We also use assistive technology (Eye-Gaze) to support learner engagement on site.

We have access to some lovely grounds near the College such as the local peace garden and a park nearby. We also have use of a mini bus with wheelchair access which enables visits out into the community.


  • Classrooms

  • Learners Common room

  • Lunch Hall

  • Sensory room

  • Speach and Language therapist room

  • Eye Gaze room

  • Food technology room

  • Physiotherapy room

  • Outdoor spaces

  • Garden area

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